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Friday, January 21, 2011

Joshua Davis, An Author, A Survivor And An Inspiration.

The quote by Robert M. Hansel describes my friend Joshua Davis very well. "I choose not to place "DIS," in my ability."

Angels of Inspiration...Joshua Davis was born with Cerebral Palsy 30 some years ago. I say it this way because Joshua pays no attention to age and claims age is simply a number. I’ve known Joshua for about 23 years and have seen only a few of his struggles and turmoils and mountains that he has been faced with having to climb as a child with CP.

Joshua was born a twin to a brother also born with CP. name Jeremy. Joshua has been a spiritual soul throughout this life and always tried to see the glass as half full rather then half empty. Having this desire Joshua turned his inner soul toward the creative side with poetry and has published three books to date. I had the opportunity to sit down with Joshua surrounded by his family for support and was able to interview him.

Angels of Inspiration . . . When did you begin writing poetry Joshua?

Joshua . . . I begin writing poetry at an early age and haven’t stopped sense. I was eight years old and the poem was called "The Little Man."

Angels of Inspiration . . . After answering my question Joshua recited the poem to me which I have to share with you my Angels of Inspiration family and friends almost brought tears to my eyes, to hear a poem so powerful, written by an eight-year old little boy.

Angels of Inspiration . . . What made you turn to poetry Joshua?

Joshua . . . I always wanted to be a minister or an inspirational speaker. I truly believe it was a gift from the higher power. He has given me the words to inspire. Poetry was my passion, roots and reality. I live my life through my poetry, with no limits.

Angels of Inspiration . . . What makes your work, your writing and your poetry books unique?

Joshua... I am inspired from my heart and by a higher power. I believe it is my mission, to touch people.

Angels of Inspiration...What do you hope to accomplish through your poetry?

Joshua . . . I like to hear people’s stories and give something back. Ever sense I was a small child I wanted to make people feel good I wanted to make people smile. I truly believe I have been given a wonderful gift. I have been truly blessed and believe this is my calling.

Angels of Inspiration . . . Where and by who are your poetry books published? When I asked this question to Joshua, his twin brother Jeremy spoke up, asking if he might answer this question . . .

Jeremy . . . In 2001 Joshua took severely ill and was placed in the ICU in the Belleville General Hospital and then transferred to the Kingston Hospital. We didn’t know if Joshua would ever come back home. Jeremy says when I was at home it was therapeutic for me and gave me hope to go through Joshua’s poems. I had remembered Joshua saying one day that he would love to create a book with his poetry. I found myself going through Joshua’s poems adding illustration and putting them all together. I was determined that my brother was coming home and I was going to give him what he had always desired, his poetry in full book form. It was to be his birthday gift from me. Joshua’s books are published by a local Trenton Ont. publisher and can be found purchased by people in New Zealand, PEI, Afghanistan and was also given to Prince Edward during an interview Joshua and his brother Jeremy was granted by Prince Edward during one of his trips to Ontario.

Angels of Inspiration . . . What do you gain as your very own personal satisfaction from creating your poetry?

Joshua . . . I don’t look at it from an angel of what I get from it, but it’s what I give from it. My reward is to help others and make people feel happy. To help people to hold on, keep going that tomorrow is a brand-new day.

Joshua . . . I try to never look back to balance my past and my future. It pushes me forward. I share my life through my poetry. For example my poem called "Emerald Dreams."

Angels of Inspiration . . . When will your next poetry book be released?

Joshua . . . Possibly this year, you see it’s costly to publish the books and sometimes having the money to publish is an issue. I have many poems and look forward to sharing them with everyone in my next book soon.

Angels of Inspiration . . . Is there anyone who has stayed by your side during your pathway to poetry that you would like to thank?

Joshua . . . My friends and my family and people that I have met along the way. Also, my lives experience.

Angels of Inspiration . . . I spoke to Joshua after our interview and asked him if he thought that maybe his having Cerebral Palsy helped to develop and take him down the pathway to his poetry. He replied that he honestly thought that if he was born without his C. P. He would have been a completely different person and may not have had that creative side to him.

Angels of Inspiration . . . One thing is for sure, to use another quote from Robert M. Hensal to best sum up Joshua Davis, it would have to be . . .

"Placing one foot in front of the other, I've climbed to higher lengths. Reaching beyond my own limitations, to show my inner strength. No obstacle too hard, for this warrior to overcome. I'm just a man on a mission, to prove my disability hasn't won."

Angels of Inspiration... Thank you so much Joshua for sharing a small portion of yourself with us and our friends and family at Angels of Inspiration. We look forward to many more inspiring poems.

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the poetry books written by Joshua Davis please enquire here in the comment section. I will get back to you asap with contact information.







  1. Very touching story of someone overcoming obstacles. Well done!!!


  2. Nice to see you back Clayton.

    It was a heart felt interview but its nice to see that there are those who take the negative and turn it into a positive for no other reason then to simply give back. Joshua has a huge heart!

  3. I received these comments from readers who stopped by to read the interview with Joshua Davis...

    Thank you I loved it!!
    I'm still wiping the tears away. I am so proud of both of my brothers and I love them more than words can ever describe.
    I miss them alot but we talk pretty much everyday.
    My biggest dream in life is just for them to both be happy. And for everyone to see what amazing,strong and talented men they are.

    Thank you very much Dawn for sharing their story with everyone.


    Dawn thanks for sharing the interview. What an inspirational poet!


    This is what its all about, being grateful and being inspired.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment, it truely is alot of what inspires us:)

  5. Very nice site! Following you from Sensational Sunday Follow. Can't wait to read more!

    Amy at

  6. Thank you Amy. Im glad you stopped by hope to see you often;)

    I will give your blog a read. Learning empowers!


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