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I have a vision of reaching out to the younger generation, through inspiration, to empower these young individuals into having strong, confident, and positive minds and prepare them for a bright future ahead. I am in continued process of putting together and publishing a series of childrens books that can offer the best chance to place the right book in the hands of many children. I hope that you will see my vision as a wonderful experience for any child to learn and grow from.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wish it... Dream it... Do it...

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Its been awhile sense I have posted. I am walking my path on my new journey and career.

As a child we believed that life was magical. Well the magic of life is real and its far more breath taking and inspiring that you can imagine as a child.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Owner of AOI

I am so happy to announce as the owner of Angels of Inspiration I am going down a brand new path. You can now purchase your Angels of Inspiration books t-shirts dolls and cards from Simple Elegance Boutique, down town Belleville in Century Place.
This is our new boutique store front GRAND opening Aug. 31st 2013
Simple Elegance Boutique provides YOU THE manufacturer with the opportunity to have your merchandise exposed to the buying market, instead of having it stored and isolated to sales from home or costly events while waiting for order 's and buyer's.

If you are interested please visit my Simple Elegance face book page like and check out the contract. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Store opening Aug 31st 2013. Spaces limited.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Power of a Positive Attitude

The Power of a Positive Attitude

Do you think you’re a positive person? A positive mental attitude can improve your health, enhance your relationships, increase your chances of success, and add years to your life.
The fact is, most people are bombarded by negativity each day. Sure, it’s easy to cast blame by saying you’re surrounded by negative people. The reality: A lot of the negativity is self-inflicted…influenced by the company you keep and your personal perspective on life’s realities.
Take a minute…
Think how often in the day you’re besieged by people who argue over money, worry about the possibility of failure, complain about someone’s actions, criticize mistakes, mistrust someone’s intentions, blame others to avoid condemnation, envy someone for personal achievements, and gossip about trivial garbage. (No wonder we’re exhausted at the end of the day.)
Let’s take a closer look at the negativity that we face every day…
Arguments. Many arguments are the result of poor communication, the lack of open mindedness, or the clash of opposing values and principles. People also argue to force their viewpoint on others or just to let off steam.
Worry. Others worry about losing control. They desire certainty in an uncertain world. These people feel that worrying is productive, even though they’ll be the first to tell you that they’re driving themselves crazy because they can’t get these thoughts out of their head.
Fear. Some people fear the unknown. Just as pollution damages the environment, fear is toxic to individuals and companies. Fear encourages people to withdraw, keep information close to their vest, hide mistakes, and refuse to take risks. Whether their fear is caused by something real or imagined, perception is reality.
Blame. Criticizing and insulting people in front of their peers, challenging their competence, demanding impossible deadlines, and cutting them out of the information loop are tactics that create negativity. Furthermore, when something goes wrong, people often look to others to cast blame. The result is that everyone watches out for #1 — themselves.
Complaints. The reason many people complain all the time is not necessarily because they’re unhappy with their lives or circumstances. The fact is, compulsive complainers don’t even realize that they’re complaining. Perpetual complainers grumble out of boredom or a desire to turn an awkward moment of silence into a conversation starter. Or sometimes, people complain just because it makes them feel better to vent.
Criticism. There’s a difference between constructive feedback and biting criticism. While constructive feedback is offered with good intent, constant and biting criticism can lead to stress, anxiety, and reduced self-esteem.
Mistrust. How much time is wasted and how much ill will created as a result of mistrust? People spend endless hours second-guessing intent, peering over shoulders, and creating elaborate approval processes to check and recheck.
Jealousy. When is enough, enough? We live in a society where many people aren’t satisfied with their own accomplishments. If our neighbor buys a new toy, if our colleague receives a promotion, or if the TV celebrity flaunts a new design, we want it too. The problem is, after the excitement wears off, the finish line moves as well. Whether it’s affordable, deserved, or needed never comes into question.
Gossip (our national pastime). People gossip to fit into a group, fill a void in conversation, prove that they’re in the know, take revenge on a person, put someone in their place, or merely to gain attention. Gossip is a disease spread mouth to mouth. It’s one of those distractions that keep us from focusing on our own lives.

It Pays to Be Positive

There’s a direct correlation between a positive attitude and better relationships, superior health, and greater success.
A positive attitude can boost your energy, heighten your inner strength, inspire others, and garner the fortitude to meet difficult challenges. According to research from the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can increase your life span, decrease depression, reduce levels of distress, provide greater resistance to the common cold, offer better psychological and physical well-being, reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, and enable you to cope better during hardships and times of stress.
Here are several ways to adopt a positive mental attitude:
Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with people who are positive, supportive, and who energize you. Remember, if you get too close to a drowning victim, he may take you down with him. Pick a positive person instead.
Be positive yourself. If you don’t want to be surrounded by negative people, what makes you think others do? Learn to master your own thoughts. For example:
  • When you visualize a goal, it makes you more likely to take the actions necessary to reach it. Visualize yourself winning the race, getting the promotion, accepting the award, or landing the new account.
  • Control your negative thinking. This can be accomplished in the following ways:
    • See the glass as half full rather than half empty.
    • Anticipate the best outcome.
    • Stay the middle ground. Don’t view everything in extremes — as either fantastic or a catastrophe. This will help you reduce your highs and lows.
    • Mistakes happen. Negative people blame themselves for every bad occurrence whether it was their fault or not. Don’t let this be you.
Consciously resist negative thinking. Be cognizant of and mentally avoid negative thinking. This will help you modify your behavior.
Be nice to yourself. Unfortunately, some people say the meanest things to themselves. If you criticize yourself long enough, you’ll start to believe it. This negativity can drag you down over time. It may be time to fire the critic and hire the advocate.
Set realistic, achievable goals. There’s nothing wrong with setting a high bar — unless you beat yourself up for not achieving your goals. The key is to build confidence by setting realistic goals and by hitting a lot of singles rather than swinging for the fences.
Keep it in perspective. Life is all about prioritizing the things that matter most in your life and focusing your efforts in these areas. This means that trivial things that go wrong every day shouldn’t get you down. Learn to address or ignore small issues and move on. It’s time to sweat the big stuff.
Turn challenges into opportunities. Instead of letting challenges overwhelm you, turn them into opportunities. (Rather than hitting the wall, climb over it or go around.)
Count your blessings. Be grateful and give thanks for the special things in your life rather than taking them for granted. Some people do this by giving thanks around the dinner table, keeping a written journal, or posting one special item each day on Facebook. Remember, some of the greatest possessions in life aren’t material. Take every opportunity to make a wonderful new memory.
If you want to achieve happiness, better health, stronger relationships, and continued success, you may not have to look any further than the mirror. “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.”* Do you see the glass half full or half empty? True happiness may depend on how you view the world and who you look to for inspiration. It pays to be positive.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome To This Month’s WOW Gal, Dawn O'Dell

The Next Big Thing

Welcome to "The Next Big Thing" a global online book tour with Authors promoting Authors:

My name is Dawn ODell, Author of the Angels of Inspiration childrens book series!
What is the working title of your new book? The working title for my new children's book is "Angel on My Shoulder."
Where did the idea come from for the new book? The idea for this children's book came from my childhood having to Depend on myself was a way of life. Making things happen for myself in order to get to the next day was something I had come to expect. As well, looking back on my son's school years, wanting to fit in, wanting to play on the school teams but not having the tools that every young child needs to give them the confidence to believe in themselves.  This, in part, motivated me to help other children. My drive and dedication with Angel on my Shoulder were to take an issue from so many children's everyday lives and create the tools required through this entertaining children's story and empower our next generation. To give parents the help and words to teach their children and help them develop the positive mindset they need to dream, believe and achieve...
Which genre does your book fall under? My children's book falls into the inspiration/ Education picture book genre.
Which actors would you choose to play the characters in a movie rendition? If I was to choose an actress to play the character of JJ,

I think I would choose Ashleigh or  Mary-Kate Olsen purely because like the Olsen twins, JJ is simply adorable and lovable.  To play the part of Jamie,
I would choose Ariana Granda
because I am drawn to her appearance, she looks like what I imagine Jamie to look like.
What is a one-sentence synopsis of your book? A delightful story about a little girl's guardian angel teaching her  words to inspire a dream, to turn her thoughts and words into her dream come true!
Who is publishing your book? All my children's books thus far have been published by Baico Publishing. Angel on My Shoulder was published 2012.
How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript? The initial draft of Angel on My Shoulder consumed my thoughts for a few months but when I put pen to paper the story flowed very easily from beginning to end. The actual first draft of the manuscript only took about a week to get down on paper and ready for edits and changes...
Which other books would you compare this story to within your genre? Oh my gosh, the actual concept for my Angels of Inspiration children's book's and Angel on My Shoulder came from adult  books that inspired me. Books such as The Secret and Lifes Golden Ticket. I wanted to create a children's books series to inspire our younger generation while in their developing years.
Who or what inspired you to write this book? First and foremost I'm inspired by my children every day to create chance and guidance for our younger generation. To share my vision of reaching out to our children to inspiration and empower these young individuals into having strong, confident, and positive minds and prepare them for a bright future ahead.
I can find inspiration in many places a lot of times when I least expect it.  Inspiration is all around me. It could come in my dreams, or as I'm walking along the street. Life events make great material as do the personal stories that I have been fortunate enough to have my readers share with me. Anything can inspire me, a song, an event, a brief thought.   In some cases, a dramatic event, or experience can be my inspiration. I've learned to let my heart, and my emotions guide me.  I may play with an idea for months or so before anything actually becomes of it,  on the other hand, an entire story may come together in my thoughts all at once. I try to scribble my thoughts or ideas down often times on a napkin or a scrap piece of paper.   The most important thing I've realized is that the stories must come from within, from my heart but the inspiration can come from anywhere.
What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest? The message that I hope piques the interest of my readers is a simple one "Wish it... Dream it... Do it... JJ teaches Jamie that it isnt about good luck charms, its about believing in yourself.

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