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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Next Big Thing

Welcome to "The Next Big Thing" a global online book tour with Authors promoting Authors:

My name is Dawn ODell, Author of the Angels of Inspiration childrens book series!
What is the working title of your new book? The working title for my new children's book is "Angel on My Shoulder."
Where did the idea come from for the new book? The idea for this children's book came from my childhood having to Depend on myself was a way of life. Making things happen for myself in order to get to the next day was something I had come to expect. As well, looking back on my son's school years, wanting to fit in, wanting to play on the school teams but not having the tools that every young child needs to give them the confidence to believe in themselves.  This, in part, motivated me to help other children. My drive and dedication with Angel on my Shoulder were to take an issue from so many children's everyday lives and create the tools required through this entertaining children's story and empower our next generation. To give parents the help and words to teach their children and help them develop the positive mindset they need to dream, believe and achieve...
Which genre does your book fall under? My children's book falls into the inspiration/ Education picture book genre.
Which actors would you choose to play the characters in a movie rendition? If I was to choose an actress to play the character of JJ,

I think I would choose Ashleigh or  Mary-Kate Olsen purely because like the Olsen twins, JJ is simply adorable and lovable.  To play the part of Jamie,
I would choose Ariana Granda
because I am drawn to her appearance, she looks like what I imagine Jamie to look like.
What is a one-sentence synopsis of your book? A delightful story about a little girl's guardian angel teaching her  words to inspire a dream, to turn her thoughts and words into her dream come true!
Who is publishing your book? All my children's books thus far have been published by Baico Publishing. Angel on My Shoulder was published 2012.
How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript? The initial draft of Angel on My Shoulder consumed my thoughts for a few months but when I put pen to paper the story flowed very easily from beginning to end. The actual first draft of the manuscript only took about a week to get down on paper and ready for edits and changes...
Which other books would you compare this story to within your genre? Oh my gosh, the actual concept for my Angels of Inspiration children's book's and Angel on My Shoulder came from adult  books that inspired me. Books such as The Secret and Lifes Golden Ticket. I wanted to create a children's books series to inspire our younger generation while in their developing years.
Who or what inspired you to write this book? First and foremost I'm inspired by my children every day to create chance and guidance for our younger generation. To share my vision of reaching out to our children to inspiration and empower these young individuals into having strong, confident, and positive minds and prepare them for a bright future ahead.
I can find inspiration in many places a lot of times when I least expect it.  Inspiration is all around me. It could come in my dreams, or as I'm walking along the street. Life events make great material as do the personal stories that I have been fortunate enough to have my readers share with me. Anything can inspire me, a song, an event, a brief thought.   In some cases, a dramatic event, or experience can be my inspiration. I've learned to let my heart, and my emotions guide me.  I may play with an idea for months or so before anything actually becomes of it,  on the other hand, an entire story may come together in my thoughts all at once. I try to scribble my thoughts or ideas down often times on a napkin or a scrap piece of paper.   The most important thing I've realized is that the stories must come from within, from my heart but the inspiration can come from anywhere.
What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest? The message that I hope piques the interest of my readers is a simple one "Wish it... Dream it... Do it... JJ teaches Jamie that it isnt about good luck charms, its about believing in yourself.

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