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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stop The Bullying.

Children can be cruel (and so can adults)! Bullying is no laughing matter, and we're not just talking about hurt feelings here. Being bullied can affect your school work, your relationship with family and friends, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

These tips can help you put an end to the bullying.

1...Start Talking
It's not easy being bullied. Being bullied does take a toll on the self-esteem. Those that have been bullied know better than anyone that it picks at you until you can't take it any more. The fact is there are plenty of people who understand and are willing to help. But first you have to reach out and tell them what's going on. Start with your closest support system (a friend, sister, brother, parent, or teacher).

2... Get The Administration Involved
By now, school administrations should be on high alert for bullying. But, we all know even when the alarm's ringing, not everyone hears the sound. Go to your school admins and let them know of the situation. If nothing happens, contact them again. Recruit your support system to contact them as well until they take action.

3...Don't Take Any Chances
You may want to keep the bullying to yourself our of embarrassment or fear. Don't take any chances on letting the bullying continue. Have an adult find services in your area that can help you get through the bullying.

4...Stand Up
For whatever psychological reasons, bullies tend to pick on those they think are weaker than them. Others bully trying to use you to climb the popularity ladder at school. Still, some are intimidated by you and the only way they know how to express it is by picking on you. Don't let this happen. Even in tough school hallways, in the middle of lunch rooms of cliques, you have complete control over your self-esteem.

5...Take Control
Others can put you down, but you don't have to let it bring down your sense of self-worth. When bullies strike, strike back. I'm not saying you should have a roast in the cafeteria or test your boxing skills, but you should let them know that you aren't the punching bag they're making you out to be. Get your support system involved, let your parents know that they need to talk with their parents. What's the message: You're not an easy target and you won't take it anymore!

6...Keep Marching
Sadly, many suicides that have made the news recently, and most of them happened because they were being bullied. The fact is, 33% of all teen suicides are kids that have been bullied or harassed by other kids. If you're having thoughts about suicide, contact the National Suicide Hotline. This is a free and confidential service. You have your life to live. Don't let the bullies win by taking more than they already have.

We welcome any added advice on this subject as we at Angels of Inspiration believe strongly in stopping our children from being bullied.


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