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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mom Saw A Little Pudgy Boy

I received this message via fbook from a teenage young man and wanted to acknowledge his cry for help... Please if you read this post leave an inspiring thought in the comment section of the post.

When I was brought into this world my mom saw a little pudgy boy. As I became older towards becoming a teenages I started to change. I start to develope a dirty mouth, Swearing to much causing mental and phsyical abuse to people, pushing family members away from me. But at the same time becoming more protective.

 I sit upstairs in my room when I'm not at work or at school ,on my computer, editing videos, watching youtube videos and  movies. When I'm not doing that I'm playing video games.

Ignoring that I have a family downstairs. I barely even speak to them.

 I'm starting to become more grumpy, and more of a touch me not. I hate being interuptted. I hate doing alot of things that I have to do.

I've seen my life start to fall apart many times over the past couple years and today it fell apart again, about to get booted out of my house to live somewhere else. But in the end recieving another chance not to mess up again.

I have another chance to fix my life and become someone else. Not the thing I was becoming, someone better.

To all who is reading this...

Some parents blame attitude on the music their kids listen to. But its not even that really. Its the society and what is around us. Some of you might disagree but, I don't really care to me this makes sense.

On the outside I show that I'm a nice guy to mostly everyone. On the inside I'm a angry person, but also still remaining nice to certain people but not showing the love to them...

I've heard a couple people say this now... "Sometimes your hurt the people you love."

So if you see yourself going down the wrong path. STOP!!!  and think about what could happen, or whats happening to you and others around you,  and make the right choice.

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  1. Parents need to be involved in a dialogue with their son. They need to fill the role of intellectual midwife: engage them in a conversation where the rules, the laws, what's right and what's wrong are talked about and not imposed. Sometimes parents have to forbid. But that doesn't mean the forbidding should happen in the absence of a dialogue.

    My point would be that parents can do something. They can have an influence on their angry son, if they dont give up.


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