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Monday, November 29, 2010

Interview with Raymond Coderre.

Thanks so much Ray for giving me this time...

Im excited about this interview with you.
It feels like such a long time sense we were in Ottawa having our very first meeting with you. Yet it was only Nov.6th. I remember it like it was yesterday. We found you to be a special person, the connection between yourself Derek and I felt magicial. I wanted to share bits and pieces of you and that day with our Angels of Inspiration bloggers.

My first question to you is...  Who are you and what are your believes as a publisher? Please give me a brief answer as to your experience and your work. 

Ray... I believe that every authors deserves the same respect and consideration as the ones that are on top.  Unfortunately not too many publishers see it this way because they are more interested in the name of the author and how they can market and sell several thousand copies.       ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)   At Baico, everyone is treated equally whether you publish 1000 copies or 100.  When we make your dreams come true, you are also helping us make our dreams come true.

Having spent some time chatting with you and listening to the wisdom that you hold I was extremely impressed as was Derek on how awesome it felt to be on exactly the same page with the person that was going to work with us to publish our books. Where/who does your Inspiration come from?  

Ray... I think it comes from past lives and also what I learned in this one.  It comes from people and books and from what I see and what I hear.  You have to have blind faith in God and know that   He   is the best partner you will ever have.

 Having spoke to Derek and me, what were your thoughts and your feelings toward our desires/vision and our concept for our childrens book series? 

Ray...I could see the dream you both have on making this world a better place. Helping kids understand how to live in this complexe world.

You commented and Ill quote you " I think things will work out well with our project." Please explain why you think that, what was it about our project that caught your eye and touched you? 

Ray...Your commitments to this project.  The wisdom you both have.  The message and illustrations for your book(s).  Doing it for the right reasons.

Again I will quote you if that is o. k.. " I believe in the journey that these books will have and I will work with both of you to make that happen." Please elaborate on the passion that comes from your words?  

Ray...It's like giving birth to a child.  You have to accompany the book on it's journey.  Never loose focus on the purpose of your books and the people that the messages will touch.  The world is in desparate need of wisdom and respect of one another.  We are all tenants on this planet. 

Ray...The more you help others, the more you are rewarded in many ways.  I call that accumulating Heaven Miles.  I will always take the time to listen and pay attention to what is being said.  Once you know someone is on a personal journey, then you should always be there to help out.

We believe that our childrens books are unique and from our heart. Having read the first manuscript what was it about it that you thought unique if anything?  

Ray... The wisdom and simplicity of your words. They are strong and powerful and will be well received by kids and parents.  Who and what age group do you believe would benefit our series?  

Ray... It would probably be for ages 4/6 to 8/10. In closing Ray I think I can speak for Derek as well as myself when I say I cant share enough  with you how passionate Derek and I are about our book series and sharing this journey with you.  

  Ray... A lot more could have been said on several of your questions, but it would have ended being a book.  I wish you both and your families,  a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Thank you so much for your insight and your inspiration as our new friend and publisher. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours this holiday season.


Raymond Coderre
Baico Publishing Inc.
294 Albert Street, Suite 103
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6E6


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