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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interview With The Founder of Tree of Wishes.

Good morning To the Founder of Tree of Wishes.

Thank you so much for moving forward and excepting my questions and to do a brief interview with me for my blog site"Angels of Inspiration." 

I think as I said in my last message that to so many you are not only an inspiration but a guardian angel to so many.

Can you share with us how you came up with the concept of "Tree of Wishes?" Where did your inspiration come from?
Tree of Wishes...For a while I wanted to leave something positive behind for others and my kids. Idea just came to me as I was driving on the highway looking at passing trees. A million thoughts rushed through my brain and what I felt at that moment I just can't describe. From then on everything started slowly coming together.
How does "Tree of Wishes" work?
Tree of Wishes... Members place their wishes on the site, others if able grants them. Every time a wish is granted thought the site a leaf is added to the tree. Members also award each other in form of caring awards, advice awards and leaf awards for granted wishes.
What do you hope to accomplish with "Tree of Wishes?"
 Tree of Wishes... I want people to see Tree of Wishes as a gateway of hope, caring and kindness.
How do you feel knowing that because you have created this wonderful site so so many peoples wishes will come true, so many people will get the help they need?
Tree of Wishes...Yes I did create the site; but if it wasn't for the giving and caring members there it would not be what it is. I'm beyond grateful to have a hobby like this and to experience daily selfless acts of kindness.
Is there one special story/memory that stays with you from Tree of Wishes?
Tree of Wishes... One of our members was suffering from bipolar disorder and went through severe childhood abuse. She came to a point and decided to end her life, miraculously one of our members unknowingly reached out to her by posting something that she came across just before, it changed her mind. I have full details of that story of that happened that day from that member, this story will stay with me forever.
I think that what you have created is amazing and speaks bundles about the size of your heart. Tree of Wishes is not only a wish come true in its own right but you are an inspiration to anyone who has posted a wish to anyone who has granted a wish. Thank you for your time and I can’t wait to read and learn more of your organization.
Check it out Angels of Inspiration bloggers, its an amazing site, who knows maybe even become someones guardian angel and make their wish come true!
Like Angels Of Inspiration, Tree of Wishes has a vision, to make dreams come true.
Dawn Co-owner of Angels of Inspiration.
P.s. See link for Tree of Wishes posted on our blog.


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