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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Words of HOPE. By Joshua Davis.

A dear friend of mine wrote this poem and I wanted to share it with my Angels of Inspiration friends . . .The poem has a copyright and cannot be used and or copied but I was given permission to share it with you'.

As a boy I always wanted to run . . .
Run till the setting sun, throw my walker and
wheelchair away and go outside with the
other kids and play!
Maybe someday Ill show
them all and walk so straight and so very tall with nothing . . .
but me just walking freely so the other kids would like me more and people would not have to say, look at that poor boy in the wheelchair, like they did before or maybe so I didn’t look like such an eyesore!
As a young man I began to understand God's plan for me it doesn’t matter if you are in a wheel chair or use a walker to get around, remember we're only sitting down!
God has reasons for all people for how they're born, each one of us is special in our own way so run with your heart and love every day for me all WILL run with the angels some day!!!
Thank you Joshua for sharing such an inspiring poem.

If you would like to see other writings by Joshua Davis please contact the Other side Media Group, their link is on our blog.

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