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Monday, January 10, 2011

Angels of Inspiration Interview With Caroline Pacheco "Brighter Smiles for Sick Kids"

Angels of Inspiration...Hello and Happy New year to Caroline from Dawn and Derek of Angels of Inspiration.

Angels of Inspiration...We understand that Telehop has done something so very inspiring this holiday season for the children who will be spending their Christmas holidays in the Toronto Sick Children Hospital.What we would like to do at this time is introduce Yourself and Telehop to our Angels of Inspiration friends. Who is Telehop and where can we find you?

Caroline Pacheco...My name is Caroline Pacheco and I am the Operations Manager of Telehop Communications based in Toronto. I joined Telehop in October 2008 as executive assistant to the then founder and CEO of Telehop Hersh Spiegelman, after working for Bell Canada for 17 years as associate director for wholesale accounts.

Prior to that I lived in England and came to Canada to marry my husband whom I met in England.I have 3 children a boy 18 and two girls 14 and 15 both born on the same day but 1 year apart.

Telehop is a TSX Venture company (HOP) that has been around since 1993 selling telecommunications products and services in Canada. We were one of the first to introduce casual calling in the Canadian market under the brands 10-10-620 and 10-10-100. In addition Telehop created the first integrated hop network (a sector we have since exited) and currently sell everything from calling cards to Home Phone services. Over 1.1 million customers have used our services in the past 2 years.

Angels of Inspiration...

How did Telehop come together with The Hospital for The Sick Children?

Caroline Pacheco... I joined Telehop in October 2008 and was given a certificate for a weekend for 2 at a resort. I ran a silent auction amongst the employees and raised enough money to take 100 bears to sick kids.

Angels of Inspiration...Why did Telehop choose The Hospital for The Sick Children to raise money for out of all the many organizations you could have chosen from?

Caroline Pacheco... I chose Sick Kids Hospital because of the tremendous work it performs daily and worldwide, giving children opportunities and in many cases quality of life they may not have in the country they reside in.

Angels of Inspiration...How did Telehop raise the money for their donations?

Caroline Pacheco...Telehop had some unspent barter dollars which enabled me to purchase a weekend for 2 in Niagara through the barter network and raffled it to the employees and directors.

Angels of Inspiration...Is this Telehop’s first year donating to such a worthy company? If not, how many years have you been raising money for Sick kids?

Caroline Pacheco...This is Telehops 2nd year (2008 and 2010) and we will continue this as an annual event.

Angels of Inspiration...Can you share with me and our Angels of Inspiration friends and family how much to date that you have raised for Sick Kids?

Caroline Pacheco...It's not in money its in bears...the total we have donated is 720 bears

Angels of Inspiration...Can you share with us, Telehops desire and vision toward helping the children of our future?

Caroline Pacheco...At Telehop our desire is to prepare our youth of today for the world that awaits them. In doing so we employ young high school students to work with us on a part-time ( school comes first basis), at our trade shows, events and our office guiding them on the right path for their future and giving them the tools, opportunities and experience to assist in their future endeavours. This is our vision which is proving to be extremely successful. This program has been in effect since June 2009.

Angels of Inspiration...How can we as supporters of our young generation of children now and in the future be apart of the amazing work that Telehop has done, raising the money it took to be able to purchase and donate 620 plush teddy bears to the many sick deserving children?

Caroline Pacheco...We have had a tremendous response from Telehop customers asking us exactly the same question. I am working on a plan for the new year where Telehop will accept donations on behalf of Sick Kids all through the year ending with the bear giveaway in December. This needs to be discussed in more detail with Sick Kids before I am able to expand on the idea and will be happy to share with you once we have approval from sick kids.

Angels of Inspiration...Last but certainly not least can you share with us what the inspiration behind the awesome work you have done to provide a little extra special treat for so many of the sick children that will spend their Christmas in the Toronto Sick Children Hospital. Where does the inspiration come from?

Caroline Pacheco...This is very personal to me I joined the sick kids foundation about 4 or 5 years ago and have pledged monthly to sick kids ever since. My reason for giving to sick kids is unusual. I have 3 children a boy of 18 and 2 girls 14 and 15 and my reason for giving is as a thank you for never having to come through the doors with one of my children to be treated for an incurable illness.

On the 2 occasions I have been there to deliver the bears I have seen children being brought in for treatment and the look of fear and anguish on their parents faces has made me thankful each day for having healthy children.

Angels of Inspiration...As parents and advocates for children my partner Derek Fobert and I would like to thank you so much for the smiles you have put on so many Childrens faces this holiday season. We would like to thank you as well for sharing with us such an inspiring and motivating interview. Here at Angels of Inspiration we believe that if everyone added just one small stepping stone into the pathway of our Children future the world that awaits them would be a bright and inspiring one!

We would love to hear from you Caroline in the new year in regards to Telehop accepting donations all year round on behalf of Sick Kids to go toward the bear give away! Also, we would be more then happy to post a link on our blog to direct our Angels of Inspirations friends and family to your awesome cause.

From the families of Angels of Inspiration, we wish you and yours a safe and happy 2011.

Thank you,

*Update* Caroline assures me that she will let me know when they have their donation plan in place. When I hear from her I will share with you, our friends and family @ Angels of Inspiration.

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