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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visual/Dream Board. A creative and fun activity!

A creative and fun activity for parents to do with their children at any age.

What is a dream board you ask? A Visual/Dream Board is a visualization tool that allows you to create a collage of images and words that express your goals and aspirations for your future. It is a representation of what you would like to become. Be creative but specific.

How To Start...
1...Begin by gathering images and words that prompt strong feelings within you. Find images on the Internet, within the image library, or use your own images. Add these images and words to your images. example...images that represent .... your ideal job, home,places you want to visit, toys, goals, great marks at school, friends etc...

2...Keep your Dream Board in a place where you can easily see it.

3...As your goals change, so should your Visual/Dream Board.

4...Review your goals often and see what manifests itself. Only through repeated visualization of your goals can you begin to make your dreams and visions a reality.

5...It’s important that you update your goals frequently to reflect the many changes in your life.

6...Most importantly, have fun creating this tool to inspire your children to acheive their dreams and goals.


  1. I love this idea It was suggusted to me by my Angels of Inspiration partner and friend Derek a couple of years ago. I created my very own visual board and its great to see the things that have manifested from it over the years. It really does work!!

    Has anyone else made their own visual board? Please share your thoughts and ideas on the idea...

  2. This is a great idea! Before I had kids (i.e. when I had more time) I always had a vision board for myself but I've never thought of doing it with my boys. Even though at 4 and 6 I think it is a good thing to start.

  3. Exactly Wendy. I love to look at mine and see what I have accomplished. Its a fun thing to do with your kids even at for and six. Make a craft out of it. Best of luck let me know how it unfolds for you guys.

  4. We love Angels too! We actually work very closely with Archangel Michael. I have dream boards all over my office. Oprah has a program on her website you can download and create dream boards and print (put dream board in the search bar). So easy and fun. New followers. Love love love your blog. Absolutely beautiful!
    Come and say hello.
    Namaste, Carol
    Join our blog frog community and start a conversation: Great exposure!
    Liked you on Facebook.
    When your book is ready keep us in mind. We do reviews and give aways.

  5. Thank you guys for your kind words. I saw Oprahs dream board, awesome! Ive had mine for about 2 years now and it sure is inspiring and motivating at the same time.

    I will be sure to check you guys out and yous come back as often as you can. I try to add new stuff daily to kep it fresh and positively fun!!

    We will keep yous in mind when the book is done for sure.

    Thanks 4 the shared thoughts.

  6. I have done this with my daughter a couple of times, it is way fun!

  7. Hey there Tawna, great to see you back, thank you. I believe in the power and inspiration of Visual/dream boards, its awesome. Its a positive way for children also to dream and we as parents to spend time with our children.

    Thanks Tawna.


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