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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Part Two of Yesterdays Post.

Think and speak positively

As parents, we need to remember that we are our children’s heroes and role models. So Instead of worrying and thinking the worst possible scenario, we need to focus on the positive outcome that you desire and on ways that can help make it happen.

Teach your child to direct all comments that start with “I am,” in the direction of positive statements and goals. example... Negative statments like "Im dumb." or "Im ugly." are negative affirmations, they can penetrate a child’s subconscious and are very harmfull to our childrens self worth. When our children create positive pictures and self-suggestions about themself, it has a beneficial effect on both their physical and emotional health.

Children who are able to create and speak positive affirmations of themself are taking a positive step forward to a happier healthier life for their future.

*Affirmation...Assert,declare, uphold or confirm.

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