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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eliminate Self-Pity.

As parents we need to guide our children and lead by example. We need to teach them that self-pity is nothing more then much needed wasted energy. We need to teach our children by redirecting our own self-pity more towards creative purposes.

Self-pity leads to low self esteem especially in our children and young adults. Here is an exercise to do with your children to eliminate self pity and work towards a better outlook within one self.

List Your Personal Liabilities.

On a piece of lined paper make a list. Write down all the things you dont like about yourself and or your life but cannot change.

Once you complete your list, read it through and tell yourself that you accept the things that you cannot change. When you have dont this tear this list up.

Make a second list, writing down all the things you dont like about yourself but can change, either now or in the future.

Now set goals and make plans to do something about this list.

You cant change yesterday or unpleasent things you have experienced so please dont beat yourself up over things that is over and done with. What we can change is today and tomorrow. We can start to build a brand new life minus the things on the list we tore up!

Come on back tomorrow (Wednesday) for part 2 of our Eliminating Self-Pity Exercise.

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