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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Theres Nothing wrong With Wanting To Belong.

Theres Nothing wrong with wanting to belong, this is quite natural. However its the kinds of circles you try to surround yourself with that is important.

Its a well known fact that so many of our children tend to follow the values of others or of the majority in order to be eccepted. This comes from the fear that they wont be accepted for who they are and for the values and priorities they hold.

Its necessary for our children to have a clear picture in their own mind as to their values and beliefs because they will dictate their life and the path they will follow as well as the friends and groups they choose to surround themself with.

The Law Of Emotional Gravity says that " One pessimist can pull five optimists down easier then five optimists can lift up one pessimist." That means becareful with whom you associate. Your self image begins at home and carries over throughout your day with everyone you meet.

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