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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Are We Afraid Of Conflict?

1... We are afraid conflict will damage our children either internally or externally.

2...We are afraid to engage in conflict with our children because we fear our children wont like us.

3... We fear conflict with our children because we fear our childrens anger.

How Can We Handle Conflict With Children Well?
The first thing we need to do when handling conflict with our children is to control our own anger. This is key.

1...Count to 50 before saying anything.

2... Call a time out for yourself to walk away, calm down before you
resume resolving the conflict.

3... Take a quick walk around the block to release some of your anger or tension.

4... Tell your child not to say anything until you tell them they can talk again. this gives you time to put together a game plan.

As parents we need to model how to let go of our anger when it is no longer neecessary. Children need to see this and learn that its perfectly o.k. to hug and play when the relationship is back to normal.


  1. I love this blog. The posts are great. I so believe in Angels and I know that there are more then just one that watches over you. I'm glad I found your blog over on MBC. I'm a new follower. Alot of inspiration here.


  2. Thank you so much Michelle for your kind words.

    We have many angels watching over us as well as angels standing by our side each and every day.

    I hope you will visit often and share with us your thoughts and feelings. We love to hear from you!


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