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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Angels of Inspiration And Daniel Donovan Share A Common Forum.

Angels of Inspiration... We are so thrilled to share our amazing new friend Daniel Donovan and his story of inspiration with you our friends here at Angels of Inspiration.

Angels of Inspiration... Can you first introduce yourself and share
with our friends and family here at Angels of Inspiration just who
Daniel Donovan is?

Daniel... Who is Daniel Donovan…wow sounds simple. First and foremost I am a
human being for now. I have struggled, lost time, had ill
manifested attempts at love (what I call “mistakes”), traveled to
dark places to gain sacred knowledge and still choose to LOVE.
Presently I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my Goddess Amanda
and our six children: Payton, Preston, Daniel III, Sage, Celtin and
Lucius. They are me and I am them. We choose to live very simply
for a variety of reasons. Earthly Mother needs our help. The
Capitalist Machine wants all our time for the pursuit of
mythological money. The American family structure is deteriorating
at an alarming rate, and most importantly if we are to realize true
unification and UTOPIA we must all do what we LOVE. I love Art.
Artists tend to be poor.
We decided as a family to move to Colorado in a twenty foot 1977
camper to pursue our dreams, rather than continue to devote all our
time to maintaining a lifestyle that was empty and endless. Paying
for a six bedroom rental house through our careers as chefs was
robbing the Donovan’s of a full Life. So we moved. An Exodus of
Since moving to Colorado nearly a year ago the Benevolent Universe
has provided the Donovan Clan with a bigger camper. We continue to
live simply, and believe it or not we are ultimately more content
and full of joy. We immerse ourselves in any opportunity to learn,
progress and work towards a more simple, Earth honoring, and self
sufficient lifestyle. So maybe the question isn’t who Daniel
Donovan is, but why would someone like Daniel Donovan strive so
hard and sacrifice so much to LOVE others around the World through
the charity Just Cause?

Angels of Inspiration... What is Just Cause Daniel and how did this
whole organization begin?

Daniel...Technically right now Just Cause is a charity based giving circle
with a page at Facebook Causes. Every two to three months Just
Cause adopts what we call “Partners”. One family in need and one
charity organization are adopted to raise money for. Both the
families and the organizations are referred to us by active Just
Cause members. We call them Partners because we believe the giving
circle would be incomplete without a recipient. Love needs to be
received as well as given. Our partners inspire us to live more
simple and loving lives.

Daniel... Just Cause also promotes all forms of creative self expression and
aims to promote and provide a venue for members to share their Art.
Every month Just Cause has a recruiting contest. The member who
recruits the most new members during the month wins a free piece of
completely original donated Member Art. We also have Member Art
Auctions and other fundraising Auctions such as cabin getaways. All
money received by Just Cause is given by members and members only,
this ensures that the Partners and the members are connected
personally. Whereas in “corpities” (corporations disguised as
charities) the donator seems to lose a connection and interest in
the individuals receiving the assistance from the charity’s
efforts. In other words, how many times have you thought while
watching charity commercials, “How do I know that the money I am
giving is going to that person or cause directly, if they are
receiving it at all?” We solve that problem at Just Cause right out
of the gate. In order to receive assistance from Just Cause you
have to one, be referred by a member, and two, become a member
after being nominated. All members know where their hard earned
money is going. We post pictures and stories to the page and
continue to post updates on the families and organizations. It is
fun making love ripples!

Angels of Inspiration... Love that phrase, "love ripples"!

Daniel... We also have many multifaceted ideas for future expansion.
Originally we were trying to obtain a 501c3 non profit status for
Just Cause, but I think we are thinking bigger.  Just Cause will
continue to exist but possibly under the umbrella of a “church.” In
order to donate on the Just Cause Facebook page we need to obtain
or operate under a 501c3. This will inevitably boost donations.
Presently if every member of Just Cause donated three dollars a
month we could easily reach our giving goals and operating costs.
We also wanted Just Cause to be a charity organization that didn’t
consume the member’s or the administrator’s time. We wanted and
continue to strive for simplicity. Changing the world by
implementing and manifesting a basic philosophy. ASK freely, GIVE
freely. Just Cause believes that money divides people and in order
to bridge the gap between poverty and abundance, war and peace,
feast and famine we need to do one thing. GIVE!
Just Cause began because of a conglomeration of many separate but
interdependent events, ideas and circumstances. We have noticed,
especially over the past five years, that American families are
barely hanging on. My family was and is barely hanging on. The
economy is making people lose their homes, cars, and food. We have
compassion for families that simply need a boost so that their
financial status doesn’t seem to slip and snowball into more debt.
Daniel... We at Just Cause also believe that the whole economic system that
we are operating under is designed for one thing. To continue to
keep us in debt. Simply, Just Cause aims to help out families in
need by raising money for them. Right now every three months we aim
to raise $500 for a family, $500 for a charitable organization, and
$200 for operating costs. All the operating costs for the last six
months have been donated by the three administrators Nick Prather,
Amanda Donovan and me. We are happy and more than willing to give
all we can.
Nick Prather, a college roommate of mine, and I noticed also that
charity organizations were also taking a hit financially because of
the recession. My family applied to six different charity
organizations last Christmas for Christmas food, clothing and gift
assistance. We weren’t contacted by any of them. We were not
bitter. We understand fully the impact the recession has had on non-
profit organizations. So we prayed, and we were led to give in the
form of Just Cause.
Daniel... That response was long winded. Why did we start Just Cause? Just
cause an individual seemingly has nothing does not mean that they
can’t change the world by giving more. Especially here in the
States. We have so much abundance. Even the poorest person here has
it a thousand times better than the poorest person in India. I am
not saying that the poverty in the States is not a real issue.
Because it still is, and that baffles me. It is a numbers game. If
every family gave five dollars to charity every month, we could
easily cure hunger here in the United States and move on to the
rest of the world. Just give. Why? Just cause.
On another side-note. Isn’t it silly that we claim ownership to
anything physical? We will physically pass on. When we do, our
legacy will be eternal only if our lives were as well. So as the
Great Master Jesus of Nazareth said, “Give all…” and we try.

Angels of Inspiration... When did you start Just Cause?

Daniel... We officially started Just Cause, on Facebook Causes, in October of
2010. We aren’t even a year old yet, and that encourages me for the
future. People are catching on. They want to see change and want to
be a part of something that is solid and sustainable. Just Cause
and it’s members have already raised over two thousand dollars for
families and charitable organizations in need, have given away a
half a dozen pieces of Member Art (ranging from original prints to
handmade purses), and have already began collaborating with other
charities and businesses from around the world. We humbly accept
the love the Universe has given us.

Angels of Inspiration... Can you share with our Friends and Family
here at Angels of Inspiration how Just Cause works and who benefits
from this charity organization?

Daniel... Presently Just Cause adopts a new family and charitable
organization Partner every three to four months. Partners are
referred to us by members of Just Cause. When a Partner is
nominated the Administrators vote on which of the referrals will be
adopted for the three month period. Just because a family or
organization does not get selected for the upcoming period does not
mean that they fall off of the list. We keep all families and non-
profits that are referred to Just Cause on a list. We believe that
those referrals were given to us for a reason and when our scope of
LOVE and giving widens so will our pocket books and many will be
blessed. Just Cause also does not particularly like to be put on a
deadline schedule. It is organic and growing and is also being
spearheaded by a crew of Spiritually Minded people. The Universe
has its own timing, and meanwhile we will master the art of
“Waiting while Waiting.”

Angels of Inspiration... Having joined Just cause myself and
researching your website I came across the questions you pose to
your followers and thought them worthy of sharing them here in our
forum. ...Why do you want to help provide a variety of services to
people you don’t even know or might not even meet? Why are you
asking your members to refer anybody in need to us? Angels of
Inspiration... Share with us a little about those members who
support Just Cause.

Daniel... I find it very magical that I can help give clean water to someone
in Haiti by raising money for the charity organization Lighting the
Dark through Just Cause. I never knew LTD existed until we started
Just Cause. A friend of a friend from college saw us on Facebook
and the rest is LOVE history. I will never meet the families in
Haiti that will receive clean water because of the money Just Cause
raised, but I know for a fact that it went directly there. Like I
have mentioned we continue to get updates from our Partners.
Americans need to step outside of themselves. Realize there is more
outside this bubble fa├žade that is the toxic American culture. Let
us shed our scaly EGO together and inevitably realize a better and
more interdependent relationship with ourselves, our planet, all
life, and the Universe. Let us promote all forms of creative growth
while denying a toxic existence (whether mental, emotional,
physical, environmental, or spiritual toxicity). I have six
children. I don’t want to leave them a cookie cutter house, with a
tiny backyard, and more stuff I accumulated over the years of my
life. No! I want them to inherit a lifestyle of WHOLE HEALTH and
eternal abundance. I don’t want them to leave any trace. If
anything a thousand trees planted and a million seeds sown. I mean
that figuratively and literally. We plant seeds and the Universe

Angels of Inspiration... What inspires you Daniel to commit so much
of yourself to Just Cause?

Daniel... Inspiration comes from one source in my life primarily and that
Muse is my Family. My children and my wife are warriors with me in
this life. We are living a more sustainable and inspiring life
because of its simplicity. They grow with me. They teach me. They
ground me. They center me. We conquer “problems” together and
rejoice and celebrate as a family. We aim towards Whole Health and
understand that we are given this life to do one thing...LOVE.
I believe that Just Cause, and its members, believe in real,
sustainable CHANGE. We focus on the solution, not the problem. The
abundance of material wealth in the United States and other major
world leaders is the issue. There is no reason why there should be
starving children in the world. Not to mention the fact that
obesity in these “Western” nations is on the rise. Check that
imbalance out. Jesus fed the flesh so He could talk to the
individual’s Spirit. First thing is first. Feed people real food,
heal people with real medicine and give people hope enough to look
up. The rest is in the Universe’s hands. We have so much, and we
are horrible stewards with what the Universe has so freely given
us. It is a shame.

Angels of Inspiration... What would you like to accomplish through
your charity organization Daniel?

Daniel... Simple. Change the world, or at least be an aid to help usher the
masses into a new Era. “Ask freely, Give freely” is our mission
statement. We want to show people that change can occur, through
faith and love, to give all we can to help the world get back to a
harmonious balance. It is not too late. Don’t believe in the isms
and the ists. Give no power to the fakers, the takers and the
illusion makers. Their time is about up, I have a feeling. So we
want to change the world. Make ripples. Act centrifugal. Polarize
manifestation. Inspire creativity. Teach people to learn and let
the Love torrent do the work.

Angels of Inspiration... For those who have yet to visit Just Cause
can you share with us where we can find you?

Daniel... Facebook -
E-mail –
You Tube – JustCauseization 30 Seconds of Love with Daniel Donovan

Daniel... You have to have a Facebook account to become a member but it is
free to join. We have recruiting contests every month, raffles,
videos and inspiring Member Art. Right now members can’t donate on
the page, because we are in the process of obtaining our 501c3, but
that has not stopped people from donating by any means.

If you feel led to give to Just Cause please send all donations to:

Daniel Donovan c/o Just Cause
1910 Lakeside Resort Lane
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Daniel... Also if you are an artist of any sort, if you create from your
heart with your hands please contact us. We support and promote
artists. I believe that the Muse is returning after a long absence
from this world. Karl Marx believed that the most important and
crucial superstructure of society is the Arts. So let’s take over
this world with beautiful images, sounds, structures, words,
thoughts, emotions and lifestyles. Let us be living ART. Living
beauty. A counterculture of Loving Expression. We can’t fight
resistance with resistance. Know what I mean?

Angels of Inspiration... Can you share with us Daniel how we can
become a part of the Just Cause family and how we the public can do
our part for Just Cause?

Daniel... Join Just Cause on the website. Leave comments. Please mention us
in your prayers and meditations. Just raise awareness for the
cause. That is essential. Please become a part of our dynamic
community and most of all LOVE yourSELF. You are an amazing human
being with the capability to contribute a long lasting and
beneficial impact on our current world culture. Don’t waste your
time. Do what you LOVE, everything else is secondary. If you are
doing what you love and what you are passionate about then you are
projecting LOVE energy everywhere you go. This in turn will inspire
those around you. Thes rest…as they say…is LOVE history.

Angels of Inspiration... Is there anyone special that you would
like to thank for sharing this journey into Just Cause with you?
Daniel...Yes, my wife, my children, Nick Prather and his family, and all our
Members. Thank you to all the before mentioned for helping me help
people. And thank you to Angels of Inspiration for inspiring Just
Cause. Make like moths…right. Head towards the light.

Angels of Inspiration... Is there anything about your organization
that you would like to share with our family here at Angels of

Daniel... We are young and growing and developing. We are all passionate
about changing the world. Have faith, love and give. If you have
any family or charity referrals do not hesitate to contact us. We
are here. We are not going anywhere. We are currently in need of a
Family Partner for the summer so please let us know if you know of
a family that could use some monetary LOVE. Thank you all so much
for this opportunity and thank you for reading. More to come!

Angels of Inspiration... Derek and I want to thank you Daniel, and Just Cause. You are an inspiration and your story provides such motivation to us all to get up, get out and share, love and give! Please come back any time Daniel and use our forum here at Angels of Inspiration to continue to inspire others!!

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