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Friday, May 6, 2011

I Believe In Angels.

I believe in angels. I believe there is a power greater than us that guides and helps us in our time of need.  I often ask my angels to guide me, to help me focus on what we want.

How exactly do we focus? How do we figure out what we want? I believe we must figure this out for ourselves (with help from our angels, whenever we need it). I believe we need a little self-introspection and time by ourselves. I have found some exercises that help me reach my subconscious. This place always takes me to my highest good. Here are some exercises that will help you focus and get clarity on your life.

1... Sit down in a quiet place. You should be by yourself, in a favorite room of your house. As you are sitting there, think of the personal goals you want to complete in 2005. Run them all through your mind, one by one.

Now, state each goal, (ask the angels for help if you like). As you think of these statements, start your request with “I will have.” This is a powerful statement, better than “I want” or even “I will.” “I will” and “I want” leave the goal “somewhere in the future,” instead of in the here and now. You could make such statements as: “I will have my family out of debt,” “I will travel to a foreign country,” “I will lose 20 pounds,” “I will read six books,” etc.

2... Pick one goal from your list that seems the most challenging. Make this goal your declaration. Give “pre-thanks” that you have this goal, even though you don’t physically have it yet. Write down your goal, exactly as you want it to happen. What does your goal look like to you when you finally achieve it? Is it in a nice location? Does it come to you easily?
Are you having fun while you are working toward your goal? Who are you are meeting while you are working toward your goal? Really think about what you want. Remember, your angels want to give you everything you desire. Get clear and let pure abundance enter your life.

3... Do you have any negative thoughts clouding your mind, stopping the good from coming into your life? Remember, the angels want to give you what you desire, but can assist you more easily if your thoughts are positive and productive.
Clear your mind and think of any negative thoughts getting in the way of your goal. Then, turn the thoughts around to the positive. For instance, “I’m not good enough” can become “I am great and can accomplish anything.” “I’m not brave enough” can become “I am the most courageous person ever.” Be bold. You are a brave soul, and the angels know it.

With your angels as your guides, there is no telling how far you can reach and exceed beyond your wildest dreams!


  1. Love you guys, keep up all the good work and Inspiration :)

  2. Yay!! You've stopped by Daniel, now all I have to do is get you on my followers Can wait for our interview with you to be posted. Im betting its going to be an awesome and inspiring read my friend!


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