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Friday, May 27, 2011

Stay Positive About Your Future

I was reading a poem in a book called Follow Your Dreams Wherever They Lead You, given to me by a friend when I cam across this poem and thought to myself, if every parent read this poem to their children and every child learned this poem as a life lesson, wouldnt it be great! What a difference this simple poem could make.

You have so much to offer,
so much to give, and so much
you deserve to receive in return.

Don’t ever doubt that.

Know yourself and all of your fine

Rejoice in all your marvelous strengths
of mind and body.

Be glad for the virtues that are yours,
and pat yourself on the back for all
your many admirable achievements.

Keep positive.

Concentrate on that which
makes you happy,
and build yourself up.

Stay nimble of heart,
happy of thought,
healthy of mind, and
well in being.
                  ~~Janet A. Sullivan~~

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