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Monday, June 6, 2011


Negativity focuses on what’s wrong rather than what’s right.  It focuses on limitations rather than possibilities.  Your focus determines your destination.  When your mental focus is positive, you move in a positive direction, and when it’s negative, you move in a negative direction.

The focus of your mind is critical.  Focus selects the programs running in your mind.  When you are negative and focused on everything wrong, your mind runs programs that confirm and reinforce those beliefs.  When your focus is positive, your mind runs programs that confirm and reinforce your positive thoughts. 

Some people believe it’s impossible run their own mind and control their thoughts.  If that’s true, then answer this question.  If you don’t run your mind, who does?  If you don’t control your thoughts, who will?

When you understand that focus selects the inputs and programs running on your brain, it is clear why negativity is so destructive.  A negative focus means your mind is running negative and destructive programs. 

Being positive is harder than being negative.  In the game of life, there are hundreds of critics for each person who says yes to life and yes to excellence.  Negative thinkers abound, and they happily point out the futility of your endeavors.  You will not meet many cheerleaders to help you stay positive; you must keep yourself positive and be your own cheerleader.


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  2. Thank you Muhammad for your kind words!


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