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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Positive Action

Negative thinking is the most powerful poison in the world.  It is the only poison you can give to your family, friends, and enemies without legal consequences. 

Don’t say it.  Don’t think it.  Don’t write it.  Don’t infer it.  Don’t agree with it.  It’s always wrong, and never right.  It never makes your life better, and always makes it worse.

Every negative thought that enters your mind is a message sent from life to teach you a lesson.  You will continue having the negative thought until you learn the lesson.  The sooner you learn it, the sooner it will no longer be a problem and go away.

When life sends you a negative thought, you must discover the lesson it has to teach.  Implicit in that negative thought is a positive action you are supposed to take. 

 When a negative thought enters your mind, you immediately must do four things.

First, learn the lesson it has to teach.

Second, take a positive action based on what the negative thought has taught you.

Third, think of two positive thoughts to displace the negativity from your mind.

Fourth, use your Power Graphics to push your mind in a positive direction.

These four steps are easy to perform, and they give you an effective strategy to deal with the negative thoughts blowing through your mind.

Negative thoughts don’t just happen.  They are there for a reason, and you need to discover why.
Positive action must become your immediate and automatic response to negative thoughts.  Every time a negative thought pops into your mind, you must immediately neutralize it with some type of positive action. EXAMPLE  Write some positive thoughts on three by five file cards and carry them with you wherever you go. 
Each time you need to displace a negative thought with a positive one, simply pull out your cards and start reading. 

This technique enables you to instantly displace negative thoughts and send them on their way. 


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