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I have a vision of reaching out to the younger generation, through inspiration, to empower these young individuals into having strong, confident, and positive minds and prepare them for a bright future ahead. I am in continued process of putting together and publishing a series of childrens books that can offer the best chance to place the right book in the hands of many children. I hope that you will see my vision as a wonderful experience for any child to learn and grow from.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
I wanted to let you know about our new childrens Inspirational book called Lydias Dream Come True  By Angels of Inspiration, Derek Fobert and partner Dawn ODell. The inspirational book is helping to raise funds and awareness for Three Oaks Foundation. As you may or may not know Three Oaks Foundation is a safe shelter for abused women and their children.  Please consider ordering/purchasing Lydias Dream Come True on, Baicio online book store and Chapters online book store or picking it from Derek and or myself. Help bring more attention to this important organization.
If you ever wanted to be apart of change in our world, here's your chance!
Please do me a personal favor and forward this message to all your friends and family!
Below is more info.
Happy reading!
Derek Fobert and Dawn ODell
About the book:
This book is like no other Ive ever read to my children. It offers guidance and inspiration geared to children through inspiring and motivational messages. Love it!
Not only will Lydias Dream Come True benefit any child looking for a positive and inspiring twist on creating a new healthier mind set but adults just the same.

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