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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Other Side Radio Show Interview

Who is Joshua and Jeremy Davis? They are out going independent entrepreneurs born 30 some years ago. Not only were they born identical twins but they were born with cerebral palsy as well.

Together they enjoy a variety of things such as, horse back riding, camping, sailing dancing and kayaking.
As individuals they have many of their own interests.

Joshua has enjoyed success as a motivational speaker and published author having self published three poetry books with the forth book in his series "Words of Hope " in the making. Joshua continues to travel down his own spiritual journey toward spreading the message of life, love and the higher power.

Jeremy has a great passion for municipal affairs, politics business studies and has run for a seat on the board of city councils in 2003 and 2010. He also enjoys taking an active role in his religion as a youth leader at the Holy Trinity Church.

They both hold member ships to the Belleville and District Chambers of Commerce. As a team they successfully host and produce a weekly radio show called The Other Side Radio Show.

Growing up in the public eye Joshua and Jeremy could always be found doing charity work, giving back to their community. In 1991 they were the ambassadors for Easter Seals representing the province of Ontario. They hosted such activities as Quite Autumn Fest and The Snow Flake Fest. Just to name but a few committee Joshua and Jeremy served on, the Santa Claus Parade commity, Canada Day commity, Ontarians with disabilities advisory commity as well as strategic planning comity in the city of Belleville. In 2000 they also helped form The Ontario Sailing association and created an instructional video. Jeremy also was on the Belleville doors open community and was vice chairman of Heritage Belleville. They both have taken part in many public speaking events.

After having graduated high school Joshua and Jeremy went on to work in radio broad casting in conjunction with Loyalist College. They self co-produced a monthly cable program, weekly newspaper/magazine and in 1999 they started community out reach events to fund their independent non profit media projects. 2000 gave birth to their radio show all going under their logo name The Other Side Media Group.
They founded the Other Side Radio Show in 1999 wanting to give a greater forum and voice to those in need, while promoting those making a difference in the community and beyond.

Their vision was then and still is to fill a void directed toward the positive nature of people contributing to improving the quality of life for others. They also try to advocate to but not limited to the special needs and of all walks of life.

After 2000 they got involved with health and well ness expos promoting awareness. Wherever there was a need that’s where Joshua and Jeremy could be found such as the lung association and the Quinte Arts Council, Gleaners Food Bank and Quint Humane Society to name only a few.

When asked what they both would like to accomplish through their work in The Other Side Media Group

Jeremy replied, To continue to provide to all walks of life an open media platform where they can help to improve and advocate a better quality of life for all people.

Joshua answered, "We want to continue to trailblazer a pathway of hope for those people who need our help, To make a difference in their life’s world wide.
Both Joshua and Jeremy agree that they would love to see their message continue to grow world wide.

With their continued work Joshua and Jeremy have received much success and awards along the way, Such as 2002 The Provincial Catherine Frazee Youth Advocacy Award. 2008 They were nominated for Quintes best nonprofit Organization Award and in 2011 They received the National Excess Award presented by the Hastings County of Belleville.

Apart of what Joshua and Jeremy are passionate about in their work are the paths they cross and people they meet. They have been blessed to meet many influential people such as, Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex, Many Priministers of Canada, Political Leaders of all stripes as well as the actors of (CBC) The Royal Canadian Air Farce series. Although a lot of their work is business, they have managed to meet many people and enjoyed fun times and interviews with them, Such as NHL Hall of Famers, Bobby Hull and Geordie Howe. From Michelle Write, Beverly Mahound to Meeting much of the Royal Family sharing an interview with The Late Jack Layton Joshua and Jeremy have enjoyed meeting many different faces.

When I asked if there was one person that they had met that had made a true impact on their lives, they both agreed that meeting and dining with Prince Charles and Princess Diana in Sudbury in 1991was the best, claiming the Princess had made a joke with them by asking the boys to help her get a date . . . LOL

Both Joshua and Jeremy claim to get great satisfaction by making people happy by show casing their stories. As Joshua stated, we all have a story. Jeremy reminded me of the joy it gives him being able to provide others with an opportunity a sense of hope, optimism and purpose for their lives while at the same time he says those are all the perks he gains from doing what he does.

In a combined quote both guys said "we want people to know that the hurtles in our lives and theirs are simply stepping stones in all our pathways to success and our everyday lives." "Never give in to the temptation of giving up. We must persevere."

Jeremy says"anything we do in our lives whether it is through The Other side Radio Show or another venue, we are only two people, we can only do so much but together as a communities we can achieve change."

Joshua wants the world to strive to seek out their dreams until they become our reality.
I asked both Joshua and Jeremy if there was one more thing they could share with me and everyone around them what would it be?

Jeremy, Said he wishes for everyone to learn to live without regrets and to not put off till tomorrow what we can do today.

Joshua exclaimed that his brother Jeremy is the other half that completes him that without his twin brother he would be nothing.

Both Joshua and Jeremy want to make known the great supports that have always had from their mother, father and sister Melissa as well as the friends and family they’ve met along the way.

To contact The otherside Radio Show email: or
Phone number: The Otherside Media Grope @ 613.967.2369
Radio show: 91.3fm or around the globe on
Face book search words: other side media group
We are always looking for stories to inspire.


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