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Friday, February 24, 2012

Angels of Inspirations Interview With Author Nancy Fritz

Author Nancy Fritz
 Angels of Inspiration... First of all, I want to say what a thrill and an honor it is for Angels of Inspiration to be able to interview and discover inside the mind of such a thought-provoking spiritualist and the inspirational stories that is so obviously come through in your art.  I spent some time admiring your work and reading the inspiring stories relating to many, which is so obvious with every story. I was captivated each time with each story your desire to speak for those who cannot speak, our young and our old. I wanted our readers at Angels of Inspirationto learn more about Nancy Fritz.

Angels of Inspiration... Having said that,  please if you will introduce yourself to our friends and family here at Angels of Inspiration and share with us just a little about who Nancy Fritz is.

Nancy Fritz .. I am a 64 yr old Lady who hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana and my hometown is Warsaw, Indiana.....who is  driven in her quest to advance Literacy Worldwide....It is with deep regret that children everywhere are not focused on learning no matter what their level of achievement...Their desires and goals need to be verbalized and written ...Many parents have learning disabilities themselves and henceforth their children are expressing their goals in many different ways....Inspiring books and the desire to express can only come from those dedicated enough to inform and give them those skills to learn....In My Life I have encountered these problems first hand...As an LPN...I learn many parents and children did not understand what was told to them  about  a child's heath and medication.....As a State of Indian Corrections Officer a Juvenile setting....I learned Children who could not or was not prepared to express themselves often did so with violence....and while working with Special Needs Children...I found they often did learn rapidly when offered visuals with materials containing Bright Colours...I am only taking what I have learned over the many years of working with children and applying it now to these books.....

Angels of Inspiration. . . What make’s Angels of Inspiration unique is the passion, the vision to teach children to dream. The drive and dedication to create the tools required through entertaining children's books to empower our next generation. To give parents the help and words to teach their children and help them develop the positive mind-set to lead by example. Angels of Inspiration is unique simply because it's an org. that cares, and stays committed to our children and their future.

Angels of Inspiration. . . Have you always wanted to write and if so how long have you been writing?

Nancy Fritz ... I started writing when I was Thirteen but was not encouraged till a series of tradegies happened in my personal life...and I was profoundly dismayed with how children's behavior and expressed feelings were a direct result of not having learned to read or be motivated to learn....that was ten years ago...then I found I needed to write...and The Passion has never stopped!  It has only deepened. Two Authors stepped into my life then also...Richard Cote of Corinthian Publishing and historical Author...and William Greenleaf...famed Sci Fi Author...they set my feet upon this path, and I have never looked back...and Dennis Scheig and Ed Rose...All of whom just took the time out of their days to read what I wrote and Believed In Me....Encouragement and Motivation to succeed are Marvelous Allies in Life!

Angels of Inspiration. . . Please share with us what sets your art, your books apart from the rest and makes it unique?
Nancy Fritz ... I do many genere...including Goth Children's Books as they are gentle Monsters, who relate to children no matter what the child is encountering in their personal lives...I write about many real children with medical and psychological problems, and these gentle monsters help them through their lives...and my books are Truth based...Always.!...

Angels of Inspiration... What  brought you to Angels of Inspiration as a published author under their angels logo?

Nancy Fritz ... I  met You and through You found  a haven upon which to rest and challenge myself to continue. Many Women my age just stop ...I chose to go on and leave a legacy of sorts for the children who walk behind me ....and for those who have walked into my Life at various times....My Adopted children and My Foster Children....I admire what you are doing with your logo....and want  to be affiliated with such an admireable person ....Our Goals in Life are much the same, and our combined drive and passions are unparallel.....

Angels of Inspiration . . . What inspires you in your work?
Nancy Fritz...Children with Imaginations...Children can be so remarkably simple to understand if you realize the complexity of their minds....
Angels of Inspiration. . . What do you hope others take from your creations?
Nancy Fritz ...That the world is an attainable goal for many...if they just learn and set goals and master them one at a time and be open minded to what the possibilities are...There is No Limit to what they can achieve...for themselves and our future...and that takes motivation and Passion about themselves first and what they want to achieve secondly....Their self-images are what is important...
Angels of Inspiration. . . What is next for Nancy Fritz? Where can we find and learn more about your books as well as purchase your work?

Nancy Fritz... I will continue to Write...I am about NOT about to stop midstream in My life...There are too many children out there who can overcome their obstacles. I want to publish all my genres and my poetry. My written work can be found at  at Friedel's Fine Art located at 1430 West Main Street in Ft Wayne Indiana addition to Friedel Fine Art site on Facebook and the Angels of Inspiration site On Facebook...
Angels of Inspiration... I am truly inspired by your work Nancy. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to speak with you and to bring your artistic works of art and your inspiring and positive mind set to our friends and family here at Angels of Inspiration. I wish you continued success and much happiness. From Angels of Inspiration we thank you so much for sharing with us and Im positive we will be seeing alot of great stuff coming from Nancy Frits (aka Nan)! 


  1. Angels of Inspiration:...I Thank You So Very Much for this Opportunity to do this Interview and for My Association with You....You are Truly Inspired in Your Quests and Driven with Desire to Educate as well as Entertain in your Literature....May My Readers Take Motivation from My Works...OUR WORKS...and bring them to Children Everywhere...again...I Thank You...Nan

  2. What an up lifting thank you Nan.

    I must say your desires and the words and inspiration behind your books inspire me and make me think. Its so good to come across others who are driven by the same passions toward creating the tools to provide those in need of them.

    I hope we will work together and you'll continue to be apart of Angels of Inspiration for a very long time!

    Congrats on the releases of your first 4 books in the Michelle series, which will be popping up in the next few weeks!!


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