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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shawna Carter Interview

Angels of Inspiration... It brings me joy, knowing that I have reached out to others as an author's agent and have made a positive impact in the lives of others.  As a result of signing a new author to publish under my Angels of Inspiration logo, this has allowed me to meet some incredible people and artists. Today's interview is with Shawna Carter,  published author and illustrator. I have contracted a series of books to Shawna for our brand new author and so therefore wanted to share with you, my Angel of Inspiration friends and family a little about our new friend and co-worker Shawna Carter.
 Welcome to our family here at Angels of Inspiration, Shawna!
Angels of Inspiration...Please tell our family of friends who you are and what are your believes as a childrens book author?
Shawna Carter... My name is Shawna Carter and I grew up and live in Belleville Ontario with my family; my wife Katy and our daughter Brenna. I write books that inspire children of all ages to pick them up and read. And then they show another child how fun reading is, and another and another. I believe that what we do as author and illustrators is as important as what teachers do in that they teach the child the tools they need but it is up to us to motivate them.
Angels of Inspiration... At what point in your life did yous decide to write a series of childrens books?
Shawna Carter... I have always wanted to write and draw. Always. It was non negotiable with me lol When I was in elementary school I created and ran a faculty news letter from the point of their students, complete with cartoon strips and more.
Angels of Inspiration... Having spent some time chatting with you, you seem passionate about your art, your books and your creative side.  Where/who does your Inspiration come from?
Shawna Carter... My inspiration comes mainly from my family, for example, my daughter is the main character in my Lil' Creepers book series - but also from everyday life. Sometimes I'll hear or see something and a picture will pop into my head of the situation and I'll have to write it down. A big source of inspirtation comes from Beatrix Potter actually, who is my great great something - aunt I think, but I love her artwork and I often draw out her characters.  
Angels of Inspiration... Where do yous get your "creative juice" as a writer? what motivates you to write about the topics of your books?
Shawna Carter... I like to write about things that 'spark' me lol Cooking with Creepers is a dessert cookbook for beginners because helping in the kitchen brings independance for children and I love that!
Lil' Creeper's Winter Shenanigans is about resolving a bullying issue. THAT sparks me  Things like that spark me, common problems, like I even like writing about people's dislikes lol
Angels of Inspiration...Who and what age groupS do you believe would benefit from your books?
Shawna Carter... I like to think that everyone can enjoy my books. And I know that everyone would like to think that but I firmly believe that people of all ages enjoy my stuff because the books and pictures are incredibly fun. I use an awesome vocabulary that  is hard to find in kids books really and my drawings are insane lol These things make it amazing to read to yourself and fun to read to others, and that is what makes them good for everybody.
Angels of Inspiration...What are your experiences  and credits as an author/illustrator? 

Shawna Carter... I have professionally and successfully self published three children's books, one of which has been picked up by NCM Publishing to be traditionally published.
I have illustrated and created and marketed my own colouring book and have illustrated two books by a new author and am working on two more for her, which I love doing. In the future, I will be releasing MY next book, which is a fully illustrated beginners chapter book, I can't wait for it to come out!! I have toured many of the Chapters and Indigo locations in Ontario and have done a great many school and other events as well where I go and make a recipe from Cooking with Creepers with kids at the event as well as doing tons of readings.

Angels of Inspiration... What are your beliefs for childrens reading and literary habits around the world?
Shawna Carter... I don't think there are enough parents reading to their kid's. I think you should start with nice colourful books at the earliest age possible! I think that there is not enough focus on literature anymore with the crazy rise of technology - which I'm not bashing - and people are more concerned with those skills because that's what is more commonly used. 

 Angels of Inspiration... What is your vision for the literary world and your childrens books? 

Shawna Carter... I want to inspire every child everywhere to pick up a book. I want to draw them into literacy with my books and keep feeding the hunger for knowledge that will grow from that with creativity.

 Angels of Inspiration...What is something you would tell people who want to become writers?

Shawna Carter... Write about what you know. It'll flow better that way.

 Angels of Inspiration...Share something about yourselves your readers/ fans do not know about you.

Shawna Carter... I am a huge advocate for free literacy. I have a campaign called Literacy is Priceless and what it is , is that I collect donated books, I raise money to buy used books and then I donate them where they are needed most with in my community and those surrounding. I believe in creativity in all forms for example, I have many tattoos - and they are all of my own drawings, bet you didn't guess that! lol My favourite tattoo is on my forearm and in script is reads 'Love is Louder'.

 Angels of Inspiration...Where can we find Shawna Carters childrens books and what is next for you and your books?

Shawna Carter... You can order any of my books online at, or pick them up at Greenley's in downtown Belleville. You can email me at to get a signed copy and launching soon is my new website where books will be available to order.
Soon, Lil' Creeper's Winter Shenanigans will be available on all bookshelves so watch for it !!
Angels of Inspiration... Thank you so much Shawna for sharing a small part of who you are and what you do. I'm sure we here at Angels of Inspiration wish you much luck with your children's books as well as your illustration. I'm confident we will be seeing a lot more from you in the future.


  1. Thank you for interviewing me Dawn ! It was a lot of fun and I hope it gives people what they would like to know about me and what I do !!

    Shawna Carter

  2. Your very welcome Shawna! I love talking with our local authors and illustrators. It always makes for an amazing conversation ansd I try to learn something each time.


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