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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Lifes Path Entwined"

In honor of Nan's brand new poetry book "Lifes Path Entwined" coming out soon
we thought we would offer a sneak peek inside with one of her heartfelt poems and a look at the beautiful book cover.

                         The Gift of The Lighthouse....By: Nancy Hamman Fritz

She pressed the gift into My Hand, smiled her lovely smile, and left me to think by myself for awhile...

The Gift was a gold and silver Lighthouse surrounded by a Glorious Beacon of Light...It signified Her Faith in God and showed to me Her Inner Soul and Might...

She wanted me to have a Gift to show her Spirit and Undying Faith ....But Far More than that ....His Blood spill for us all on Calvary and bathed in the Light of His Saving Grace...

Hers was a Silent Ministry...She wears HER Love for God upon Her Heart and Face...This Sister of Mine ....A Woman of Compassion....Suffering...Love and Great Faith...

She wants to show Me Calvary's Door...It's Up to Me to Open My Heart....His Blood....Salvation...Forgiveness to Pour...

Shine Bright the Beacon to God's Light house...Bring Your Weary Souls to God's Eternal Haven of Rest...Bring All those Long Laden Home to Their Home on High...

Judge Not...Guide Only...Those to Christ Everlasting...Never asking How or Why!

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