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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures By: Clayton Thomas.

Angels of Inspiration...We have the honour of interview Clayton Thomas from Louisville, KY United States. A stay at home dad, blogger and a proud author of a yet to be published book called Tantrums, Troubles and Treasures. Good morning Clayton, for those who dont know you can you share a bit about yourself with our friends and family of Angels of Inspiration.

Clayton Thomas... First, I want to thank the audience Angels of Inspiration for their time in reading this. I realize all of us are very busy. A few moments of your time is really appreciated! It's been a great journey so far!!! I am a happily married father of two boys (ages 7 and 3). I'm also a family guy so whatever the family is up for, I am there. I love sports and my oldest is really getting into them as well so we're bonding in a whole new way which is really neat. I've been a stay at home dad for about 4 years.

Angels of Inspiratio...Can you share with our family and friends what your experience with children is?

Clayton Thomas... Experience with kids. I started by working at St. Joseph Children's Home in Louisville, KY. Not only did I work there, I lived there as well so it gave me a whole new take on being "with the kids." While working there, I received my Master's in Arts and Teaching. Afterwards, I became an elementary teacher for 7 1/2 years. Over time, I decided I was taking away too much time from my family so I came home to be with my kids. I felt good about my 11 years in public service and it was time to impart the lessons I had learned in a full time capacity.

Angels of Inspiration...What are your visions as a stay at home dad, author and blogger Clayton?

Clayton Thomas... My visions are to help my kids, family, friends, and future readers be the best they can be. We can't be perfect but we can all be a little better whether in our careers or with our family. I would love, in some small way, to help parents think about better ways to parent their kids.

Angels of Inspiration... You are a blogger Clayton, so what got you into blogging, and what do you blog about? What do you get from/out of blogging?

Clayton Thomas... What got me into blogging was to get the word out about my book. I blog about parenting. Right now, I focus my Monday blog on education. My Wednesday blog is geared toward behavior. My Friday blog is where I will answer a question from the public a long as I feel qualified based on my past experiences. This format could change over time but right now, people seemed dialed into the topics.

Clayton Thomas...What I really get out of blogging is a sense of accomplishment. Though I hope my book sells down the line, I get to help people right now! It's a great feeling to know that I influenced a reader in some small way.

Angels of Inspiration...I understand you are an up coming published Author, what is the name of your brand new book? Can you share with our family and friends a little bit about your book?

Clayton Thomas... The name of the book is Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures. It's about my experiences with kids. I've learned how to work with kids from being around wonderful people and I'm passing on their mindset on a variety of issues. Because I have worked with a number of people, I took their best ideas in order to shape my own.

Clayton Thomas...The first chapter, for example, is called The Art of Presence. Everyone portrays an image to their children. This chapter questions whether the image your kids are receiving are the same ones you to be portraying. The chapter also goes over people I have worked with, the images they portrayed to children, and the results as seen through the eyes of the kids they worked with.

Angels of Inspiration...Can you share with our Angels of Inspiration family what made you deside to create and write your new book?

Clayton Thomas...The desire to write a book came from my wife. When I helped her with parenting issues, she would say things like, "You should write a book on that." Well, now I have. I also felt like I had enough knowledge to complete a book and hoped I had enough skill to express my ideas in a way people would want to read.

Angels of Inspiration...Where does your inspiration come from? The inspiration that guided you down the pathway that you have chosen.

Clayton Thomas... My inspiration comes from God, my family, and friends. I have had so much encouragement and it has really helped over the years. They really keep me inspired. My oldest son, for example, finds it amazing that his daddy wrote a book. That's very inspiring!

Angels of Inspiration...What makes your book unique from all the rest, and what do you hope your audience gets from your book?

Clayton Thomas... The uniqueness of my book stems from my background. I've seen a lot of parenting books on the bookshelves. Not one of them actually lived in a home where their kids were. That is a unique angle to me. Coupled with being a teacher, I just haven't seen any other book quite like it.

Clayton Thomas... Plus, like all authors, my experiences are unique. I'm hoping my perspective and style of writing seems more like a conversation versus me being the expert and talking "from up high down to you!" I'm honestly not that big on giving advice. Instead, I like to present angles parents may not have considered and allow them to make the best decisions for their family.

Angels of Inspiration...For our Angel of Inspiration audience who may be intrested in purchasing your book, when is the release date for Tantrums, Troubles and Treasures?

Clayton Thomas... Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures does not have a release date because it hasn't been picked up yet. It's one thing to find a deal. It's quite another to find the right deal.

Clayton Thomas... If you'd like to purchase the book, my first suggestion is to wait. If I were you, I would follow my blog at so you can get a better sense for free of who I am. After that, you can contact me at I will place you on the list and give you updates when we get closer to a release date.

Angels of Inspiration... Thank you so much Clayton. From Myself, my partner and our friends and family at Angels of Inspiration we wish you mush luck in your NEW book being picked up! May your book and wisdom help someone WHO NEEDS IT one child at a time.


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