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Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Be in Your Happy Place Tips.

When I read Dereks Corner this morning, I loved it! It was Derek who introduced the happy place theory to me a few years back. It truly is an amazing escape and relaxing, calming exercise to be able to acheive.


1...Think of where your happy place is. Where do you feel comfortable? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing with your time? Your happy place can be anywhere you want itto be. Think of what you consider to be "a happy place."

2...Relax your body by Sitting on your floor, or wherever you're most comfortable, and start breathing slowly.

3...Inhale, wait a few seconds, then exhale. Repeat until your body feels at peace. Now turn your relaxation into thinking about your happy place. Now that you're relaxed, close your eyes, and think of your surroundings. Where are you? Who is there with you, or are you alone?

4...Remain still breathing slowly, think about what is going on around you in your happy place.

5...Concentrate and act as if those things are really there with you. Don't pay any attention to anything but your thoughts on where your happy place is.

If you are familiar with this topic please share your thoughts. If you are new to it please feel free to ask any question you may have.


  1. I usually read blogs and find comfort in my "tribe."

  2. That's what I do, too. I feel pretty lost when I don't have the internet to turn to.


  3. Your happy place is just that, your happy place for you to go to, to find your serene inner self.


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