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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Angels of Inspiration With Alfred A. Dolezal. Check It Out!

Angels of Inspiration... First of all I want to say what a thrill and an honour it is for Angels of Inspiration to be able to interview and discover inside the mind of such a thought-provoking spiritualist and the inspirational stories that is so obviously comes through in your art.

Alfred A. Dolezal...Hi Dawn and Derek,

Thank you for your interest in my art and for giving me the opportunity to talk about my work and philosophy through this interview. I hope I answered each question to your satisfaction; I did put quite some time and consideration into each. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Angels of Inspiration... Please if you will introduce yourself to our friends and family here at Angels of Inspiration and share with us just a little about whom Alfred A. Dolezal is?

Alfred A. Dolezal . . . "I have always questioned the reason for living - I was never convinced that we are just born, make a living, and die. I started searching for answers and today I know that our lives are governed by the law of cause and effect. So many people have gotten used to putting their minds on cruise control and have abandoned their dreams and their intuition.”

I was born in September in Vienna, Austria during World War II. At an early age, I learned to appreciate the value of simple things in life and to trust that which was familiar. An avid artist even during my youth, my favorite school subjects were art and geometrical drawing. I soon discovered that by studying and copying the masters, I could sharpen my attention to details and teach myself the different technical aspects of painting. Through the years, however, I began to question the fundamental “truths” about life. I started searching for answers and discovered that there is so much more to our existence than what meets the eye.

I graduated from hotel college in Salzburg and from there, did extensive traveling. In Anchorage, Alaska, I made my pilot license flying a single engine plane. I broke an ankle parachuting in January in Massachusetts. Looking back, some of my choices weren’t always of the higher level, but they always led me to an opportunity to evolve. On crutches and unable to work because of the parachuting mishap, I went to Hawaii where I learned about Edgar Cayce, who opened my mind about psychic phenomena. One subject led to the next- past life regression, near-death experience, sudden infant death syndrome, radiocarbon dating, (to mention only a few) as my curiosity was stimulated.

Since beginning professional oil painting in 1963, I have completed 259 works. In 1976 I married my pen pal who ironically was an American living in Germany while I was an Austrian living in the United States. My studio and our home is currently in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Angels of Inspiration . . . Having read the secret and the Power I understand the mind set with which you express yourself and having researched bits and pieces of mythology, history, psychology, physics and metaphysics I can relate to the impact that combined together is depicted in your art work to show ones daily being. For those who are unfamiliar with the law of attraction please explain what this is if you will?

Alfred A. Dolezal . . . The law of attraction in my own words: The more you complain, the more it will gain. The more you praise, the more it will raise.

The forces of thought have the power to create. If you have a particular thought or make a certain statement just once, the result may be compared to the ineffectual lifting of a ten pound weight one time. Practicing with the same frequency and intensity for days and years, however, will change one’s health, personality and financial well-being, positively or negatively. Therefore, the prosperity-conscious person programs his mental computer with positive affirmations such as I am successful; I am healthy; I am getting better every day.

Angels of Inspiration . . . I spent some time admiring your work and reading the inspiring stories relating to the law of attraction that is presented with each painting. I was captivated each time with each painting and your story to follow. I wanted our readers at Angels of Inspiration to see some of your work and so thought If you would choose a few pieces to share here with us in our interview that would be wonderful.

Angels of Inspiration . . . First of all I must say it would be a difficult task for me to choose just five paintings for the interview as honestly they are all amazing. As the artist could you please one by one title each painting for us and share its meaning to our readers at Angels of Inspiration?

May I suggest the following five paintings that I feel most represent my beliefs?

1...Mind Games

We all strive for a pleasant life, but occasionally find ourselves lost and tormented in the dark side of our own creation. How did we get there? The first way is the direct way: using a habitual speech and repetitive thought pattern of hating this and that and expecting the worst. The second way is the indirect way: judging with contempt someone who confidently inhabits the upper level and is free to enjoy all of life’s pleasures and rewards. The third way is the paradoxical way: believing you can never fall into this unpleasant state because you are too highly enlightened.

A few people spend most of their time in this lower level; the longer they are there, the more they begin to identify with their fears, worries and dislikes. Their negativity feeds off itself to such an extent that it charges its own source of power, like the blue-glowing creature, bottom center of the painting. Light shines into this underground world and the stairway leading out is always present.

Silhouettes of the creatures below are integrated into the peaceful landscape above. They are reminders of the negative thoughts and emotions that are always present just below the surface and prompt us to be alert and not to fall back into the unconscious mind trap. In order to balance life’s challenges and stay on the upper level, you have to raise the problem to the level where it does not exist: remove yourself from the situation, change it or accept it totally.

2...The Fibonacci Trail

Every single person is somewhere on the Fibonacci trail. The journey originates at mile zero and separates regress to the left from progress to the right. After one chooses his direction, sequential actions expand in proportion. Slowly but steadily they shape into a habit, increasing in frequency and magnitude. By choosing the descending trail, one eventually strikes a wall and is brought to an abrupt standstill, because it is the true nature of man to proceed forward and not backward. Used time and energy is possibly compensated for the lesson learned as the person balances his cosmic debt and returns to mile zero. The ascent to health, knowledge and prosperity leads to the gate of the higher self and transcends with no end in sight. Women act from their intuitions and tend to be higher advanced on the Fibonacci trail while men are still inclined to control with force. Results from the actions of the left side flow as murky water into the river of mankind mingling with the clear water from the right side, producing the imperfect world we presently live in.

3...The Portals of Perception

Every human being is a unique combination of body, mind and spirit. This union is represented by the triple fleur-de-lis which stands for the present human experience. Our journey progresses in repetitive cycles of birth to death and then to afterlife. This oneness of mankind is further emphasized by an indivisible triune of subjectivity, diversity, and connectivity. Subjectivity is the tendency to see all things in the light of one’s own thoughts and feelings. Without it, the state of expertise could not be reached. Diversity insures that man’s full scope of creative abilities are utilized. Connectivity binds subjectivity and diversity together. Without it, achievement and growth would be limited.

Each portal of perception is balanced by its opposite. In 1999, worldwide 1.7 million dollars were spent in warfare per minute while 28 people starved to death during the same period. Lao Tsu who rides the water buffalo illustrates the Taoistic principle of gradual slow growth while the opposing principle of Maoism forces the change. Christianity presents “love one another” as the main tenet of its belief and contradicts the wall of segregation which emphasizes the superiority of one race. Crime opposes compassion, healing and wisdom. The tree whose branches stretch to undetermined heights represents those who strive to make life greater, contrary to those who lack initiative to move from one place and change.

The three figures on a higher plane view the scenes below from a bird’s eye perspective. They understand the interconnectedness of all beliefs as parts of a whole and no longer view it as good or bad. All knowledge is woven into the fabric of life that surrounds us, yet only when we are able to look out of all windows are we able to perceive it in its entirety. The universe symbolizes the future and presents new dimensions filled with infinite possibilities.

4... The Harmony of Opposites

Attracted to the book, "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjof Capra, I searched for the understanding to the sentence: "By the very act of focusing our attention on any one concept we create its opposite." Good and bad, pleasure and pain, are two sides of the same reality - extreme parts of a single whole. Life does not move upward and onward in a linear manner towards a fixed point, but rather revolves in a spiral motion around a center only changing planes when it has completed a full circle.

The background scene illustrates a beautiful story from Taoism and emphasizes this law of opposites. A farmer buys a horse. His neighbor comes over and exclaims how fortunate he is to possess such a magnificent animal. The farmer replies, "who knows what's good or bad." Then the horse runs away. The neighbor reappears and commiserates on this great misfortune only to hear the farmer calmly repeat, "who knows what's good or bad." The next day the horse returns and brings with him a herd of wild horses. The neighbor enviously exclaims, "how fortunate you are!" Once again the farmer patiently reiterates, "who knows what's good or bad." Again this proves to be true, for the next day the farmer's son tries to mount one of the wild horses and gets thrown, breaking his leg. The neighbor expresses his sympathy and sadly replies, "what a misfortune!" The farmer replies with his familiar unemotional statement. The farmer's logic prevails for the following day soldiers come to recruit able-bodied men for battle - the son is exempted because of his injury.

Upon staring at the yellow carousel horse for 30 seconds and then looking at the white oval, the after image of opposite colors appears: a blue horse with red balloons. A plant grows in layers of blue and yellow for it needs both rain and sunshine for its development. Similarly, man often needs both pain and pleasure to attain higher levels of enlightenment.

5...Place and Time

The world’s population in the year 2025 is expected to exceed eight billion. In an universe with the law, “out of nothing, nothing comes”, where on earth (properly used) do these people come from? “Place and Time” gives us the answer with the bonus blueprint for world peace.

The lower level depicts the passage of time and the evolution of mankind. It begins with “Lucy”, found and named three million years after her existence. She is followed by a group of Neanderthals who lived for approximately 85,000 years. A significant transformation in art connected this period of cave drawings to the Egyptian era represented by the sophisticated bust of Nefertiti. Alexander the Great, the world’s first military genius, led us to understand that there will always be even less intelligent people with the desire to rule the world. The evolution of this war-dominant mentality proceeds from the Roman Empire to medieval times and into the Renaissance, where the great revival of art, literature and learning met the strong opposition of religious fanaticism. The present is illustrated by the complimentary colors in the wheel which signify the balance of the physical, mental and spiritual laws.

On the upper level we observe a 24 hour day with a changing number of people, a parallel to the historical time line below. When would you choose to come to Main Street? Why did you select to live at this time in history? More souls are attracted to this earth, in particular from the Pleiades. The blueprint for world peace is the acceptance of the wide range of cultures and customs and is spelled out in the picture: ONENESS.

Angels of Inspiration . . . What make’s Angels of Inspiration unique is our passion, our vision to teach children to dream. Our drive and dedication to create the tools required through entertaining childrens books to empower our next generation. To give parents the help and words to teach their children and help them develop the positive mind set to lead by example. We are unique simply because me care, because we are committed to our children and their future.
Angels of Inspiration . . . Please share with us what sets your art apart from the rest and makes it unique?

Alfred A. Dolezal . . . My paintings illustrate the levels from which our thoughts draw their energy and create their consequences and help to explain why the world is our self-portrait. What we hear we forget easily. What we see, we may also forget with time. But what we see and hear makes a deeper impression on the mind. Each work is accompanied by an enlightening, descriptive narrative that guides the viewer to discover inherent tools to realize their fullest potential. When one looks at my artwork, I invite the viewer to venture beyond that which one thinks one knows, to explore another realm of possibilities where art is much more than just a painting!

Angels of Inspiration . . . If you had to explain your paintings and the Law of Attraction to children how would you do just that?

Alfred A. Dolezal . . . It is essential to encourage children to develop positive thought processes. What we love makes us strong and the load becomes light and manageable. What we hate or fear makes us weak and strengthens the opposition. Children are very perceptive and are incredibly influenced by their surroundings. Therefore, they need to understand that all people are a unity, very much as our body is. Our right hand does not hate the left foot, because it is different. Every problem is an opportunity. We are all part of life around us and all connected to the "collective consciousness" shaping the future. Everyone is equally important - no one is larger than the other, no one stands in front making someone else less visible.

Angels of Inspiration . . . What inspires you in your work?

Alfred A. Dolezal . . . I love to paint. Sometimes during the creative process, I experiment with a variety of paint mediums to give the illusions of different dimensions. Actually, one of my paintings, Devachan,is a five-dimensional painting! I often use my imagination to reveal a mischievous, humorous side, a dry sarcasm and my love for the unexpected. The painting, The Four Illusions, is an image on all four sides which can be seen when you turn the work 360 degrees. I love to read and learn. Since each of my paintings conveys a human interest story, I am differently stimulated to create them. Some require a certain type of research in a particular field. Other times a single sentence might jump out at me and become so meaningful that it develops into a work of art. When I see suffering or injustice, I am motivated to explain the bigger picture- that we are not victims in an unjust and chaotic world.

Angels of Inspiration . . . What do you hope others take from your creations?

Alfred A. Dolezal . . . My paintings illustrate the levels from which our thoughts draw their energy and create their consequences and help to explain why the world is our self-portrait. By connecting the miracle of life to a self-empowered existence, I hope to offer insight to those seeking answers. By understanding the basic universal laws and respecting the diversity of all life, anyone can use these tools to triumph over any adversity. I envision a blueprint that portrays the connectivity of all life and creates a model that will awaken the human potential for a conscious evolution.

Angels of Inspiration . . . What is next for Alfred A. Dolezal and where can we find and learn more about your paintings and purchase your art work? Please share with us any contact information we may need.

Alfred A. Dolezal . . . The creative juices will always flow and find expression in my life. Currently on my easel is a still mostly white canvas with sketched images- the preliminaries of my latest work, "Falling Through Life". Like a puzzle, I am examining all the elements and mulling how to fit them into place. My wife and I are planning to move to the west coast to open a gallery where I can show my paintings, talk about my philosophy and give art instruction. Life is so exciting and amazing that the subject matter for my paintings is abundant. Stay tuned for what develops! Our studio publishes a free quarterly electronic newsletter. To request to be on our mailing list, please sign up by contacting us at We hope your readers will also check out our website at While browsing the originals, we invite all to visit our gallery store if they are interested in purchasing paintings, prints, books, calendars and cards.

Angels of Inspiration . . . We are truly inspired by your work. We are grateful to have had this opportunity to speak with you and to bring your artistic works of art and your inspiring and positive mind set to our friends and family here at Angels of Inspiration. We wish you continued success and much happiness. From Angels of Inspiration we thank you so much for sharing with us!

I look forward meeting you at a future exhibition.

All the best,

Thank you so much Alfred:)


  1. "The more you praise, the more it will raise." Love this statement,it is so true. I really like the Portals of perception painting. Beautiful work. Thanks for the visit today.

  2. Hey guys, I simply adore Alfreds perception his paintings and his inspiration behind the art. Its awesome and inspiring. We are with hopes of working with him again in the future.

    Alfred does sell his work. Sinply get in touch with him through is posted link and inquire if you are intrested.

    Thank you for stopping by. With everything getting so busy and so close to finishing our first childrens book we havent had alot of time to blog hop. We will get back and visit all our friends and family blogs and sites here at Angels of Inspiration soon.


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