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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Enhancing Self-Esteem In Our Children

Yesterdays posts tackled self control and we are still welcoming comments and thoughts on that post. Todays post we will offer positive advise on the topic self esteem Again please share your thoughts and comments.

The way our children feel about them self has a huge affect on the way they treat them self and others, and on the kinds of choices they make. Here are some ideas we as parents can share to raise, or reinforce self-esteem in our children.

• Spend time with people who like you and care about you.

• Ignore (and stay away from) people who put you down or treat you badly.

• Do things that you enjoy or that make you feel good.

• Do things you are good at.

• Reward yourself for your successes.

• Develop your talents.

• Be your own best friend - treat yourself well and do things that are good for you.

• Make good choices for yourself, and don't let others make your choices for you.

• Take responsibility for yourself, your choices, and your actions.

• Always do what you believe is right.

• Be true to yourself and your values.

• Respect other people and treat them right.

• Set goals and work to achieve them.

Here at Angels of Inspiration we cant stress enough, we believe that our children need to learn these lessons while in their developing years and we as their parents need to lead by example.


  1. Such great advice. Children are such blessings.

    I'm following from the hop.

  2. Children are our blessings, and welcome to Angels of Inspiration Elisabeth. We hope you'll return and share your thoughts on our daily posts.

  3. Found your website from BookBlogs...Mother of two myself I am very eager to read blogs on inspirational parenting. Interested to read on....: )

  4. Hello SpringBlossoms, thats awesome. We post daily and our first book will be published very very soon. We are publishing a series of Inspirational childrens book. Welcome aboard!


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