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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Re-post Visual/Dream Board.

Visual/Dream Board. A creative and fun activity!
What is a dream board you ask? A Visual/Dream Board is a visualization tool that allows you to create a collage of images and words that express your goals and aspirations for your future. It is a representation of what you would like to become. Be creative but specific.
How To Start...
1...Begin by gathering images and words that prompt strong feelings within you. Find images on the Internet, within the image library, or use your own images. Add these images and words to your images. example...images that represent .... your ideal job, home,places you want to visit, toys, goals, great marks at school, friends etc...

2...Keep your Dream Board in a place where you can easily see it.

3...As your goals change, so should your Visual/Dream Board.

4...Review your goals often and see what manifests itself. Only through repeated visualization of your goals can you begin to make your dreams and visions a reality.

5...It’s important that you update your goals frequently to reflect the many changes in your life.

6...Most importantly, have fun creating this tool to inspire your children to achieve their dreams and goals.

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